The TCS smart corse Slime Separation System Introduction fines recovery system is an innovative technology that has gained popularity in recent years in the coal prep industry.

Compared to conventional coarse fines technology such as the teeter-bed separator (TBS), one key feature of the TCS system is the continuous tailing discharging mechanism as opposed of the intermittent discharging used on the TBS separator.The cut density of the TCS is stable and can be easily adjusted remotely. The system is also highly automated & requires no human operators. Numerous applications have indicated that the performance of the TCS system is better than that of the conventional TBS, RC and water-onlycyclones. A TSC system for treating finer coarse called the TSCS has been successfully developed and it can be applied for the separation of particles in the range of 0.5 mm to 0.125 mm.   


Working Principle of the TCS Separator

The TCS coarse slime separator is  gravity separation device based on the difference of settling speeds between different materials under the action of an upward water flow that, along with partices, creates a fluidized bed inside the vessel..Particles ligher than then the separation density of the fluidized bedmove upward while higher density settle down in the opposite direction to become tailings. The lighter particles are collected from the top of the vessel and the tailings are discharged from the bottom by a pump.


Structure schematic diagram

TCS Features

     - Continuous stable and adjustable underflow.

     - Stable separation density and high separation accuracy.

     - High Capacity

     - Highly automation control system & unmanned operation.

     - Stable automatic control system, stable separation density.

     - The upper limit of particles to be treated can reach 1.5 mm.

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TCS Operation Performance

Performance evaluation done by a third party indicates that the Ep value of the TCS system is 0.06 to 0.07 when treating +0.2 mm feed.