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Shenhua Shendong Daliuta CHPP

The Daliuta CHPP located at Shanxi Province, the production scale is 34.0Mt/a. The main plant adopts modular design, and the process uses jig, heavy medium shallow through, heavy medium cyclone, spirals, coal slurry pressure, and filter recovery.

Inner Mongolia Shanghai Miao Coking Park CHPP

The center CHPP located at Inner Mongolia, production is 10.0Mt/a. The coal preparation plant is a coking coal preparation plant, and the washing process adopts movable sieve jigger, primary and second heavy medium cyclone, TBS and flotation column. The main plant adopts modular design.

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No. 2 Open-pit Coal Mine of Hami Dananhu Mining Area

No.2 Open cut mine is located at Xinjiang, the product scale of the mine is 10.0Mt/a. The mining technology adopts the Single bucket + truck for overburden and single bucket +  truck + crusher station + conveyor for coal. 

Sanjiao No. 1 Underground Mine of Jinmei Taigang

Sanjiao No.1 underground mine is located in the Shanxi Province. The minefield covers an area of 109.6 km² and the coal geological resources amount is 2.302 billion tons, and the coal is 1/3 coking coal, fat coal, and coking coal. The mine design scale is 6.0Mt/a, and the main inclined shaft and auxiliary vertical shaft development mod is adopted.


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Zhaozhuang TDS project

The project is located in Shanxi Province and belongs to Shanxi Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group, which is a pithead coal preparation plant with 10Mt/a capacity. 

Equipment performance:

Capacity: 150t/h

Top separation size: 300mm (the maximum feed size is 1 meter.)

Bottom separation size: 100mm

Product efficiency:

The average rate of coal in reject was 0.85% when it tested in November 2016. It has advantages of large capacity, wide separation size, high separation accuracy, stable operation and so on. After TDS is used, only one item of increased reject discharge can bring in economic benefit 13,824,000 Yuan.


Lingxin TDS project

The project is located in Ningxia Province and belongs to Shenhua Ningmei Group, which is an underground coal mine preparation plant with 3.6Mt/a capacity. TDS intelligent dry selection process is used to replace the jigging process in the project renovation.

Equipment performance:

Capacity: 220t/h

Top separation size: 200mm

Bottom separation size: 40mm

Belt width: B=2400mm

Product efficiency:

In order to accurately determine the TDS sorting accuracy, the Ningmei group conducted two consecutive months of testing for the selected products. The results are as follows: the average rate of reject in coal for +50mm product is 2.34%, for -50mm product is 2.25%, and the average rate of coal in reject is 1.84%. The sorting effect is good.


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